June 2012

Pupperoos does puppet project in the US!

21st June, 2012|Blog|

Puppeteer Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos recently completed a wonderful puppet project at the Greenwood School in Mill Valley, California USA (just outside of San Francisco). She volunteered as a puppet designer, maker and operator to help the school create puppets and a float for their annual Memorial Day Parade. This project also allowed Kay to [...]

Sneak peak of exciting new Aussie TV show

21st June, 2012|Blog, Puppetry and Education, Shows, TV and Radio appearances|

Taryn from the Amazing House hangs out with her friends Fi-Be and BenjiFor the last 8 months, puppeteer Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos has been working on the set of a new children's television show called "The Amazing House" in Sydney, Australia. Kay has spent many of those days channeling her inner child as she played [...]

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