Pupperoos believes in sharing the joy of puppetry with all ages.

We are dedicated to delivering quality puppetry, entertainment and educational resources. 

We offer shows and puppet making/operating workshops for children and adults. We also offer training workshops for educators, churches and anyone who wants to learn more about puppetry. We have worked in education (pre-school to tertiary), theatre, charities, festivals and TV and are always on the lookout for new and exciting puppet projects!



Meet Chee-Chee’s ever dependable (yet almost always invisible) personal assistant.

Kay Yasugi is a puppeteer and puppet maker from Sydney, Australia. With a background in illustration and primary education, she has been puppeteering for schools and adult audiences since 2003.  It all started when she was at a Christian holiday program in Bathurst when her Kindergarten-Year 2 group, the “Cool Bananas”, requested a mascot for the following year. As a monkey seemed to be the obvious choice for the group, Kay headed off to her local library to find a book on doll making. She found a book on puppet making instead, and Chee-Chee was born.

To date, Chee-Chee and Kay have performed for over 5000 people at several schools, festivals (including the Katoomba Magic Festival) and churches. They have also performed at venues such as Fox Studios and Sydney University.

Kay has completed a Master’s Level Diploma in Professional Puppetry at the London School of Puppery (UK).  Her passion for puppetry has led her to take part in various events and projects around the world including the Copenhagen Puppet Festival in Denmark, the Prague Quadrennial in the Czech Republic and the Giant Puppet Project in Cambodia. She currently lives in Sydney performing shows and running workshops.