Pupperoos got their biggest commission to date when a Sydney-based school approached me to create a whole zoo of animal puppets for their high school musical production of The Wizard of Oz in February 2015. I made 1 Mother duck, 2 hens, 3 flying monkeys, 4 giant butterflies, 6 ducklings, 6 crows, several shadow puppets and a zillion snowflakes! A highlight was also making a giant ‘sparkle ball’ out of fairy lights and plastic cups to represent Glinda’s mode of transport (as we all know, that Good Witch travels by bubble). Apart from making the puppets, I also enjoyed working with the young students to operate the puppets and choreograph a shadow sequence for the show. Below are some photos from the project (some of which feature my dog Louie, who couldn’t resist photo-bombing some shots and taking on the role of ‘Toto’. What can I say – I think my terrier has grandiose dreams of the stage).