• Nautical but Nice
The Whirlwind

A baby boy is stolen by a whirlwind. His sister travels the Australian bush to find him - but can she ever get him back? A show with glove, shadow and rod puppetry, and inspired by Indigenous culture and storytelling. Commissioned by Wentworth Galleries, Sydney, and devised with students from the Wesley Institute Puppetry Secondment Project.

Memento Mori

Once Prince Hamlet's beloved court jester, Yorick is back. A unique reunion from beyond the grave about life, death and crisps.

Yorick goes to Denmark

Yorick and Hamlet return to Elsinore in Denmark. See them as they explore Kronborg Castle, where the ghost of Hamlet's father remains.

Nautical but Nice

Barbara the jaded Siren flaunts her collection of ships and complains about the inconveniences of being a woman with feathers.

Scooter Grandpa

An old man finds a star. Who will help him reach it?

Wooltzing Matilda

A very hungry swagman, a timid sheep and a policeman who is only concerned with having his cup of tea, this is a unique (and very woolly) version of a beloved Australian folk song.

Essential Magdalene

Mary Magdalene. The saint. The sinner. The jar of perfume. Her life of shame. Her journey to freedom. A story of a woman who emerges from the shadows.

More Puppets

A variety of puppets created by Kay Yasugi (Pupperoos) for children and adult shows.