Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos recenty ran a marionette operating workshop with Caroline Astell-Burt (London School of Puppetry) at Carleton Endowed Primary School in Skipton, Yorkshire UK. This 1 hour workshop was for Year 6 students (10-12 year olds), where they learned how to operate simple balloon marionettes through games and play. They also learned how to work the control of a short-string marionette. At the end of the workshop, they performed short routines with their puppets. The Carleton students also enjoyed watching 3 marionette shows inspired by fairytales, performed by students from the London School of Puppetry. For more information about workshops and courses at the London School of Puppetry (UK), please visit www.londonschoolofpuppetry.com For information about puppet making and operating workshops in schools with Pupperoos (Australia), contact Kay at info@pupperoos.com Click on the thumbnails below to see photos from the workshop.