Sketch of Master Puppeteer ‘I Made Sidia’ by Kay Yasugi

On April 9th-10th 2011, Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos attended a Balinese Wayang Shadow Puppetry Masterclass run by I Made Sidia. The workshop was held at the Arts Centre in Melbourne, Australia. I Made Sidia is one of Indonesia’s most acclaimed dalangs (master puppeteer) from Bali, Indonesia. In this masterclass in Melbourne he taught and demonstrated traditional and contemporary Balinese shadow puppetry. The workshop participants made various shadow puppets to create short performance pieces. They used various techniques, from simple silhouettes with overhead projectors to incorporating new media. The shadow puppets themselves were just as diverse, including hooting owls, talking mice, shape-shifting snakes, aliens in search of love, grumpy leaf-men, dazzling red spectacles and even man-eating whales. There was also a demonstration of traditional Topeng mask dances. Needless to say, it was a fantastic experience for all involved!  The Masterclass was presented in association with UNIMA Australia. For more information about puppetry in Australia, visit Click on the thumbnails below to see photos from the Masterclass: