Giant puppet walkabout at the Spirit of the Marsh Festival


Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos recently spent a puppet-filled weekend in Lincolnshire UK at the Spirit of the Marsh Music/Arts Festival. She collaborated with Poppenkast (from Derby UK) to run puppet playtime and marionette making workshops for children. There were also shadow puppetry and marionette shows by Curly Ru Puppets and puppeteer Chris Wylie, whereby monkeys boogied in the dark, goblins overdosed on golden syrup and little kleptomaniac girls encountered dancing beanstalks. The puppet troupe also worked with Geofest Collective (Derby, UK), who ran circus and drumming workshops and demonstrations of fire juggling, Capoeira martial arts/dancing and graffiti. Being in Viking territory, Kay also took part in a night parade amongst a crowd of bellowing armour-clad vikings, followed by juggling pyrotechnics, masked drummers and very large puppets. For information about puppet making and operating workshops with Pupperoos (Australia), click here