Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos will soon be travelling to Prague and the UK for an exciting 3 months of exploring marionette puppetry and education. She will first be visiting the Puppets in Prague school in the Czech Republic where she will do an intensive 2 week marionette carving course. She will also attend the Prague Quadrennial, which is the International Exhibition of Scenography and Theatre Architecture held every 4 years. It is the principal international theatre and scenic exhibition, where 60 countries contribute entries.  

Kay will also travel to the UK to revisit the London School of Puppetry, where she completed a Masters-Level Diploma in Professional Puppetry in 2009. She will be going back to the school to further explore teaching marionettes in education and therapy.

Kay will return to Sydney, Australia in mid-August 2011 and looks forward to performing some new marionette shows and running many exciting puppet workshops!