Kay Yasugi as the puppeteer/storyteller in “The Whirlwind”

Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos has recently developed a new solo show to be performed in June/July 2010. The show was commissioned by Wentworth Galleries and will be performed in one of their 3 art galleries located in Sydney’s CBD. This gallery space is used to showcase their many stunning Indigenous artworks, and for that reason, the show has been inspired by Indigenous stories and culture. The show, “The Whirlwind“, is the story of a little girl searching for her baby brother who is stolen by a whirlwind. The show incorporates glove, shadow and rod puppetry as well as traditional storytelling. It has also been devised with the assistance of students from Wesley Institute as part of their Puppetry Secondment Project. For more information about Wentworth Galleries, please visit www.wentworthgalleries.com.au To see pictures from “The Whirlwind”, click on the thumbnails below.