“Hand Ballet” performed by Natasha Lukins, Juliana Purnell, Faith Treacy, Scott Mason and Vanessa Hall. Directed by Kay Yasugi

From March-June 2010, Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos ran a Puppetry Secondment Project with a small group of students from Wesley Institute, a Christian Arts College in Sydney. The project involved developing Pupperoos’ solo show, “The Whirlwind“, as well as introducing the students to puppetry: making various puppets, performing with puppets and showcasing the work achieved over the 8 sessions. The project also aimed to equip the students with knowledge and skills in puppetry that can be applied for future work in their own fields of drama/dance. For more information about Wesley Institute, please visit www.wi.edu.au. To see photos from the project, click on the album below:

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