Taryn from the Amazing House hangs out with her friends Fi-Be and Benji

For the last 8 months, puppeteer Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos has been working on the set of a new children’s television show called “The Amazing House” in Sydney, Australia. Kay has spent many of those days channeling her inner child as she played the role of 3 year old “Benji”, whose favourite pastimes are eating and playing games. The Amazing House is a show aimed at pre-school aged children. Each episode is full of puppets, songs, stories, games, magic tricks and fun animations that are aimed to both entertain and introduce literacy and numeracy skills. Many exciting things happen at the Amazing House, such as space travel, jungle adventures and even giant pieces of toast falling from the sky. The show is also distinctly Australian, with the characters visiting various Australian landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House, the Jenolan Caves in the Blue Mountains (NSW) and the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour (QLD). The current series is directed by Andrew Suzuki, produced by Robert Bremner and stars the very talented Taryn Douglas as the host, alongside her cheeky friends Fi-be (played by Kailah Cabanas) and Benji (played by Kay Yasugi). The puppets in the show are made by US puppet master Pat Brymer. Kay was also thrilled to include some of her own puppets in the show, including ‘Pepperoni Toni’ and Mr Banana. Series One of the show (with host Alex Bremner) has already aired in the US via Los Angeles TV station KLCS last year. Stay tuned – The Amazing House will be airing on an Aussie TV network soon!