On 4th September 2014, Kay Yasugi visited Sydney University to speak with the Third Year Primary Education students about using puppetry with ESL (English as a Second Language) students. She ran the puppetry lecture with Kate Harris, who is a primary school teacher and tutor at Sydney University. The session included a wide range of puppets suitable for various ages and needs; instructions on simple puppet making and operating; and practical ideas for using puppetry in daily teaching. Kay ran a similar workshop for Primary Education students at the University of Technology Kuring-gai on 24th March 2015. Puppetry is accessible to all ages across the primary years and beyond, as well as uniquely engaging for students with Special Needs or Non-English Speaking Backgrounds. It is a powerful tool for communication and fostering literacy in the modern classroom to make learning fun, meaningful and dynamic! If you are interested in having teacher training workshops with Pupperoos, please contact Kay at info@pupperoos.com