Pupperoos offers a range of training workshops and resources for teachers who want to use puppetry in their classrooms.

FREE Online Videos for Teachers

Pupperoos is very excited to release 3 free videos for teachers on using puppetry in the classroom. Kay Yasugi from Pupperoos teamed up with primary school teacher Kate Roberts, who also teaches English as a Second Language (ESL). NB: These are HD Quality (you may need to change your Youtube settings to view the videos in this format).

Video 1: Introduction to Puppetry 

This video explores:

1. What kinds of puppets can be used for the classroom (focusing on K-2), including puppets for (e.g. Behaviour management, writing lessons, comprehension, engaging quiet/shy students and revision)

2.  Tips on operating puppets

3. Tips on storing puppets

4. Discussing what puppets suit different age ranges

Video 2: Advice for teachers

  Video 3: Where to get puppets from?


Kay would like to thank Kate Roberts for generously giving her time for this project, as well as Robert Bremner (The Amazing House) and students from Homebush West Public School. The puppets used in this video have included those from Folkmanis (http://www.folkmanis.com) and The Puppet Company (http://www.thepuppetcompany.com). The puppet book mentioned in Video 3 is “Puppet Planet” by John E. Kennedy.