Shadow Workshop at London School of Puppetry

On 26th -31st August 2015, the London School of Puppetry (LSP) ran a week-long program on the Art of Puppetry in Education and Therapy, focusing on shadow puppetry.

This video shows how the participants explored shadows through play. They experimented with body shadows, dancing with cellophane, making shadows with nature and found objects, operating large and small-scale puppets, creating miniature shadow worlds and mirror puppets.

The course was run by Caroline Astell-Burt (LSP) and Kay Yasugi (Pupperoos).

Participants: Ana Lorite (Spain), Lois Conlan (UK), Nicóv Bernal (Columbia), Addya Panayiotou (UK), Kate James-Moore (UK), Madi (Spain), Jennifer Hayes (USA), Kathleen Mary Frazier (USA), Lisa Marie Llorente (USA) and Odalis Torres Vivas (USA)

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Video by Kay Yasugi 2015

Music: 'A Perfect Day' by Basspartout

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